Evgeny Rumiantcev

Experienced in modern JavaScript frameworks. Like to create adaptive websites from Sketch. Equipped with a diverse and promising skill-set.

I’m currently located at: Kutaisi, Georgia

You can call me: +995599056423

Send a message: @ChezRD

Or write an e-mail: [email protected]

Employment History

Full-Stack Web Developer
M18Jun, 2012 - Apr, 2015

I made a website for a residential complex Martemyanovo Park.

I made a website designed by Alexander Ratasep for the residential complex Venezia in the Moscow region. (Archive: https://cutt.ly/KDDEFag)

I made a website designed by Artem Borodynya for self-storage company NordBox in Saint-Petersburg. https://cutt.ly/oDDELux

I made a website designed by Alexander Ratasep for a furniture shop in Saint-Petersburg. https://cutt.ly/yDDEXUc

I made two websites https://cutt.ly/tDDEVle (shop) and https://cutt.ly/fDDE0w6 (courses) for design school Artfuture in Saint-Petersburg. Design was made by M18.

Researched UMI.CMS and provided technical support for NordestInvest website https://cutt.ly/aDDE62l after its release and the site creator quit the M18.

I made a simple landing page based on the design provided by the client. (Archive https://cutt.ly/cDA1Sqf)

I made a website for a catering company. (Archive: https://cutt.ly/wDA1JbE)

I made a landing page for Real Estate company RBI in Saint-Petersburg. (Archive: https://cutt.ly/RDA1BeK)

Created a small website on Webasyst ShopScript for a company that sells goods to advertising agencies.

Completed transfer from Drupal 6 forum database (3Gb) to IPB 3.x (Archive: https://cutt.ly/rDA13r2)

I have sped up the site for the Eximer Clinic https://cutt.ly/MDDRe8I

I have sped up the food delivery service Sushi City https://cutt.ly/UDDRyAp

I have sped up the food delivery service Burger City (Archive: https://cutt.ly/NDDRo3a)

HTML5/CSS3 Lecturer

I trained my students the basics of HTML/CSS through Skype. 

Full-Stack Web DeveloperApr. 2015

I made a website http://thai-way.ru and quit the firm in favor of freelance and outsource jobs.

Freelance Full-Stack Web Developer
May, 2015 - Mar, 2017

A short list of what was ready and published during that period:

  • I made UI kit on React for http://okko.tv/ from Sketch design by Sergey Mekrukov.
  • I made a website for urban planning organization Urbanica, based in Saint-Petersburg . I made a custom layout based on the design by Alexandr Ratasep and many hacks inside Wordpress hooks. https://cutt.ly/YDDRhXK
  • I made a simple website for design school (Archive: https://cutt.ly/wDA1vDn)
  • I made a simple animated  landing page for the German startup Mr.Swampoff based on beautiful design by Artem Borodynya (Archive: https://cutt.ly/HDA0XKo)
  • I made Frontend part of regional rating of apartment complexes website designed by Alexandr Ratasep and then made Django backend optimizations (Archive: https://cutt.ly/nDSyxDC)
  • I made a website for the International Spartial Development forum which runs every year. Currently offline. (Archive: https://cutt.ly/fDDRVHG)
  • I made a small and beautiful animated website for Cookie brand in Russia (as an outsource employee of M18) https://cutt.ly/uDDTwkc
  • I participated in creating adaptive/mobile versions for the website of CDS, an apartment builder company, as part of outsourced work from M18 https://cutt.ly/ADDTpaK
  • I provided long-term technical support for several sites made with Ruby on Rails as a part of outsourced work from M18 for 7suns, apartment builder company.
  • Main site: https://cutt.ly/IDDTmqR
  • Ya-romantik: https://cutt.ly/QDDTW9z
  • Mir-vnutri: https://cutt.ly/XDDTYOr
  • O-unost: https://cutt.ly/9DDTSir
  • I made a new landing page based on Ruby on Rails and React components for 7Suns as a part of outsource work from M18 https://cutt.ly/5DDTCe5
  • I made a simple script to parse Youtube statistics on Google AppScript platform for FreshPlanet.

Full-Stack Web Developer
UAPMay, 2016 - Today

I've added a responsive layout to sites without responsive design :

  • http://advokat.spb.su/ - website for the organization department.
  • http://climatespb.ru/ - website for the department that sells and installs conditioners.
  • http://uap-group.spb.ru/ - I've added a responsive version of the old site. First, it was a static site made in Adobe Dreamviewer. I ported it into Smarty and custom engine which works for all subdomains without a need to copy.

I made an Ionic application (web, android, ios). The goals of the application are internal task management and client's case completion status.

This assignment helped me understand Angular and Ionic much better. I've forked Ionic repo to fix some bugs that they don't want to fix and used this repo in production builds.

Application located on https://cabinet.uapgroup.spb.ru/

Internal app name to be found in stores - com.uapgroup.cabinet.

Graduate of Physics and Mathematics class.
School No. 41999-2010
Computer Networks And Telecomm Faculty
ITMO University2010-2013